Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ever Wonder What Four Feet of Snow Looks Like?

The sun came out yesterday morning - oh glorious sun!  How we've missed you!  

We had another massive storm yesterday - 24 hours of non-stop snow.  I know you think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not.  It literally didn't stop snowing for 24 straight hours.  It started around midnight on Sunday and continued until midnight on Monday.  Gordy plowed the driveway at 3:30pm and then he plowed the driveway AGAIN at 9:30pm and it was still snowing.  This morning, he pulled his car out of our driveway onto another inch of snow.  

It's what I imagine living in Alaska must be like.

I had Josie pose next to the snow so you could get a good idea of how tall the drifts really are.

But maybe you can tell from looking at this photo of a tree in our front yard:

The trunk is totally covered.

We are constantly worried about ice dams, so in addition to plowing the driveway, Gordy also did a good amount of roof-raking last night.  I went out with him to keep him company and to point out particularly worrisome spots.  

And then this afternoon, I went out with the roof rake myself and did some more raking.  I'm not as tall as Gordy, so my raking isn't quite as effective.

While I was raking, the girls and our neighbor, Audrey, used our street as a sledding track.

The snow plow came through for the last time last night and there is still a lot of snow left on the road.  Obviously, the kids didn't have school again today.  That makes our fourth snow-day of the year.

I was impressed with how long the girls stayed outside.  It was bitterly cold outside.  I think it reached 17 by mid-afternoon.

The sun manages to hit the front of our house pretty well in the winter, but the back is another story and I worked hard to get as much snow off the roof as I could.  I also shoveled a path and yard area for Pippa Middleton to use for her business.  

I am also wondering about our back deck which currently has about five feet of snow on top of it.

I shoveled a path from our deck door to Pippa's pee spot and the snow I removed was really heavy.  Does anyone know if the weight of all that snow is a problem?

It's almost impossible to see from these photos, but last night, after he plowed and roof-raked, Gordy shoveled around the edge of the back of the house.  We were once told that it's not a good idea to allow the snow to pack up under the shingles. 

I did the same thing around the windows.  

I was emailing back and forth with Lois yesterday (hello, Lois!) and by the end of our "conversation" I had concluded that home ownership is crazy.  The amount of maintenance involved in owning a house in the Northeast is unbelievable.  We should all be living in high-rise apartment buildings.  

In Florida.

Today is cold and cloudy and tomorrow we are supposed to get more snow.  Keep your fingers crossed that they are wrong!

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