Thursday, February 19, 2015

One Of The Rare "Sunny" Days

Between foots four and five of snow, I brought my camera outside with Pippa Middleton for her noontime "walk."  I put the word "walk" in quotations because it was way too cold to be outside for long.  I think on the day in question, it was a balmy six degrees outside.  Even with her pretty pink fleecy coat, Pippa Middleton was not happy with the temperature  - and even less impressed with the large quantities of salt that the city had spread on our street - and we didn't stay out too long.

I wanted to get a few pictures of the snow drifts and our property so we could remember these past few weeks.  

I started with the path to our side door:

There are actually plants and bushes under those snow piles.  I'm sure they are flattened like pancakes from the weight of all that snow, but there are still there, nonetheless.

The path to our side door is the only available option at the moment.  The stairs to our front door are completely covered with snow.

On this day, the salt was working and you could actually see strips of pavement on our road and driveway:

That is no longer the case, sadly.

The weirdest thing is seeing the trees which are covered with snow up to their branches.

Here is a photo of our dogwood tree - a tree that is much taller than this photo would lead you to believe.

Under all this snow, it looks more like a bush than a tree.

The same with our Francolinia tree:

I told you about how hard it is to exit our driveway (and our street for that matter) because of the snow mounds on either side.  Well, here is some proof:

Every time we leave our driveway, we have to just hope there isn't someone coming up that hill on the left.  Luckily for us, not many people are brave enough to attempt to make it up our steep, mostly unplowed hill.  I certainly wouldn't, if I didn't have to.

Is it weird that I'm jealous of my friends who live on flat streets?  

In a few minutes, we are going out to start the shoveling / plowing process after this latest storm.  There are 16 new inches of snow to be "removed" and we have to try to clean more snow off our roof.  

We have also been making trails in our back garden for Pippa to use.  This hasn't been the easiest winter to have a puppy, although to her credit, Pippa hasn't really minded the snow.  

Imagine her surprise to find out that there's grass in our backyard!  


Cathrine Knol said...

Thinking of you with the heavy snow and cold. I really hope the spring is coming soon! Pippa is just too cute 😁.

Martha said...

thank you, Cathrine!

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