Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Fifth Foot of Snow

We are in the midst of another major snowstorm and by the time it ends on Tuesday, we are supposed to have another foot of snow on the ground.  Just in case you've lost count, this means that we will have a total of five feet of snow - give or take an inch or two.  

This morning, I lay in bed, listening to the sickening sound of water dripping somewhere near my bathroom.  Our gutter heaters and heated panels have been working, but water is still getting into the house - probably from the two feet of snow on the upper part of our roof that we can't reach from the ground with our roof rake.  We can't see the water yet.  If you stand in our bathroom, you can hear the distinctive drip, drip, drip but the wall isn't wet (yet) and there's no water mark in the mudroom ceiling below (yet).  Hopefully, this won't be as disastrous as the ice dams we had four years ago that resulted in us having to replace all the first floor ceilings and large sections of the second floor hardwoods.  

Gordy spent the morning trying to reach the upper roof with our roof rake by accessing it through bedroom windows.  He estimates that the entire upper roof is covered in about 2 - 21/2 feet of snow.  The edges of that roof are solid ice (ice dams) which he couldn't chip off with the rake, but he did manage to scrap off large sections of snow behind those dams.   Even if water starts coming through the roof in greater quantities than it is currently doing, we'll have the satisfaction of knowing that we got rid a few gallons of potential water.

See the snow drifts on the roof?  And then see how the edges are ice?  

Too much snow plus edges of ice plus zero sun or above-freezing temperatures = one royal pain in the rumpus.

It's exam time for the kids, so I'm really hoping that school isn't cancelled again tomorrow, although I won't be surprised if it is.

Surely this cycle of storms and polar vortex will end soon.  Surely?

We are desperate for sun and warmer weather.  

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Guymons said...

Can you (Gordy) climb up onto the roof and rake that way?

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