Sunday, February 22, 2015

Random February Photos

I know February isn't over yet, but I thought I'd do a random photo post anyway.  I never showed you the Valentine's Box that Josie made for school.  Isn't that adorable?  And after this snowy winter, I'm pretty sure that we all need a hug.  

And here are photos of Josie's finished Valentine's Day crayons that she made for her class.

I know I showed you the finished crayons, but here is what the finished crayons looked on the Valentines.  Each one said "Valentine, you color my world."  

They were very cute.  

Josie got pretty jazzed up about this year's Valentine's Day celebration.  One Saturday, she disappeared into the basement and came back up with a homemade fascinator that she had created from a headband, an old American Girl Doll hat and some flowers.  

She wore the fascinator along with a pink and red outfit to school for her class celebration.

I took photos before she left for school.

Here she is on her own.

And here she is with Pippa Middleton:


And finally, I have one last photo to share.

This month, Josie had another poem to memorize and recite to her class.  She chose a Shell Silverstein poem about a witch who had lost her magical powers and for the actual performance, she wore a witch's cape and hat.

This photo was taken during a breakfast rehersal, but you get the idea.

Today is the last day of the girls' winter vacation.  We didn't do too much because of all the snow and the ice dams, and the fact that Henry still had school, but we did get our nails done one day, we had lots of play dates and today Josie and I are taking her friend Eva to see an Omni Max movie about hump back whales at the science museum.  

Georgia had a soccer tournament last night (they won) and an all-club practice this morning and Henry had two hockey games this weekend.  I didn't attend a single one.  

We got another four inches of snow last night and then some rain.  Right now it's snowing out but I've been promised some sun later this afternoon.

So far the damage to the house from this winter consists of:  a badly water-stained dining room ceiling (which will probably have to be re-drywalled since dry wall molds easily), a similarly stained mudroom ceiling and the water-ruined, buckled hard wood floors in our guest room (above the dining room) and in our master bedroom.  We are hoping that this is the end, although we've heard of another storm approaching New England for next weekend.

yeah winter!

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