Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Oscars 2015

We had our annual Oscars Party last Sunday.

The girls dressed for the occasion, I did not.

It's hard to feel fancy when you spend the day shoveling snow and breaking icicles from your roof by hanging out a window and using an old field hockey stick.  It was six o'clock on a Sunday evening and my fleecy pajama pants had been calling my name since five.

Josie wore an old halter dress of mine and borrowed one of my necklaces.   She wore some sort of American Girl doll lace thingy in her hair.

Georgia wore her own dress - a recent purchase from Target - and she curled her hair.

They both wore heels, stolen from my closet.  The heels (something I would have probably not allowed had I been privy to their outfit choice) ended up being a great call since the dog loved following behind the girls as they clomped along from room to room and I got a whole hour of peace.

One of my children really enjoys having her photo taken.

We mostly watched the Red Carpet footage.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I'd only seen one of the nominated movies this year (Grand Budapest Hotel) and I only saw that a few weeks ago on Netflix.

The girls were easily distracted from the television.  Pippa Middleton got them to play for awhile.

There was a great deal of zooming and chasing.

Eventually, things calmed down and we watched the awards until about nine o'clock when it was time to go to bed.

It wasn't our best Oscars Party, but it was still fun.  We'll do better next year.  I promise to dress up and I'll do appetizers and mocktails.  And maybe I'll get Gordy to put on a tux.  

hee hee.

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