Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Crayons - Helping To Color Our Gloomy Days

I have a lot to tell you about.  We have a lot of catching up to do, but it's all gloomy things like endless snow storms and numerous snow days and ice dams that forced Gordy and I out of our bedroom and in to the freezing cold guest room, so we could escape the drip-drip-drip sound of water .  I'll get to those posts next, but first I wanted to think about something a little happier.  

It's snowing outside my window - AGAIN - and I need something happy and sunny to take my mind off the miserable weather.

During one of our last snow days, Josie made her Valentines.

She started by peeling the wrappers off a box of crayons.

This process took a while.

Once all the crayons were naked...

... Josie broke up them up into pieces and divided them up between twelve silicone, heart-shaped muffin pans. 

This is what it looked like before we stuck them in the oven:

The crayons were baked at 250 degrees for 10 minutes and after they cooled, we removed them from the molds.


Pretty, right?  

Josie's taping the finished crayons onto a round piece of paper that says "Valentine, you color my world."  She stole all of these great ideas from Pinterest.  

Thank you, Pinterest.

The fourth grade Valentine's Day party is on Friday.  On the ACTUAL Valentine's Day, we're getting another blizzard with an estimated 16 inches of snow.  


It's impossible to even think about.

So I'm not.  

I'm going back to my happy place:  pretty crayons, colorful hearts, children quietly doing crafts and not complaining...


That's better.


Guymons said...

its so funny you bought a new box for this project...isn't it something to do for people who have a bunch of broken, unusable crayons, haha....I bet everyone liked them. sorry the days are gloomy

Martha said...

Yes, Diane!!! You are exactly right but believe it or not, we didn't have any crayons in the house!!! We have a ton of colored pencils, but no crayons to be found!

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