Monday, February 2, 2015

We Watch The Superbowl

I'm not the biggest football fan in the world, but I do like to celebrate the Super Bowl.  This year, I decided we would have an appetizer and dessert party and I planned enough food for the five of us.

Josie, who loves to cook, took charge.  We made seven-layer mexican dip, meatballs in a bbq/ grape jelly sauce, bacon crackers and homemade pretzel bites with a spicy cheese dip.

Our whole family has been watching Master Chef Junior this season on Tuesday nights.  One of Gordy's co-worker's daughters was a contestant but she was eliminated a few weeks ago.  We're all enjoying the show, but no one is enjoying it as much as Josie.  

Josie is very helpful in the kitchen.  She's up for anything.  

I chalk it up to her co-op nursery school which had a montessori-slant.  The teachers believed in letting the children do things for themselves and they were always baking, building and cleaning.

If it wasn't for the part where I had to go in and "teach" a few times a month, it would have been the perfect school.  :)

We made a ton of food ...

... way too much food, especially after Georgia and Henry got invited to watch the football game at friends' houses and our party suddenly became just Gordy, Josie and me.

We plowed on, nonetheless.

The three of us rated the food after dinner and the unanimous best dish was the pretzel bites and cheese dip.  

They were quick, easy and delicious.

The whole evening was a success (if you ignore the fact that Gordy had to bring Henry and his friend to another friend's house that was 45 minutes away and therefore an hour and a half, pre-game-missing drive for Gordy).

The game was exciting (even if we weren't routing for either team) and the puppy slept for most of it:

Georgia came home at half-time and promptly joined the pile of bodies on the couch.

I loved the head-on-head-on-head pile-up.

The kids are all home today (Monday) as we are having another major snow storm.  This time around we are going to get about a foot of snow - and that's on top of our existing two and a half-feet from the last week's storm.  Hopefully it will stop in time for the clean-up to begin and for school to resume tomorrow.  


Guymons said...

I watch MasterChef jr, it! Which one was your coworker's daughter? I like the pro baseball player's daughter...but don't know who her dad is, haha.

I love pretzels but have never tried to make any.

Andrew and Bradley both went to friends houses for parties, too, so we didn't have much fun here. I did bake cookies. They are all gone!

I'm glad you have a cook in your family. Andrew used to be ours but he got burned out a while back. I hope he takes it up again!

Sorry about all the snow. We are getting a little rain and the weather man says there is more on the way...which is good cuz we are still in a huge drought.

Martha said...

Hello Diane! The co-worker's daughter is Mia - I think she left two weeks ago? She wasn't on very often. The snow has been miserable. We got another foot and a half yesterday. Today the sun is out, but it's in the single digits so I doubt anything will melt. I'm glad that you are getting rain, though, I know how much CA needs rain!

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