Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Birthday Presents, Art Projects and Oh Yea! I'm Going To Florida!

Josie brought home the best art project yesterday.  She and a friend made "pastries" and a pastry stand in art class.   Above are the cannolies and below is a bon bon.

There was also some sort of fancy bar cookie...

and muffins with muffin cups:

Here is the entire tray:

Josie's hockey ended last week (hooray!) so she's had more time to work on some of the presents that she received for her birthday.  She's been making paper using a kit that her Granny and Grandfather gave her:

and she and Georgia made cake pops using a kit she got from Lois and Harvey:

I didn't have any of these pops, but I've heard they were fabulous.  Henry said they were incredible which is the highest praise I can think of.

This is a short week for me since Henry and I are leaving for our trip to Florida with Meredith and Avery tomorrow.  It's been cold and rainy here in Massachusetts and I'm really looking forward to sitting in the warm Floridian sunshine.  I'll try to post photos of our trip on Instagram but I will also write a post when we get back.

Have a great rest of the week!

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