Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Josie Turns 10

Josie is now (proudly) double-digits.

She's been counting down the days until her birthday for about a month.  Turning 10, she told me, feels more exciting than turning any other year (thus far).

I noticed the difference myself when I went shopping for Josie's birthday presents.  She wanted a new spring jacket and an infinity scarf.  She had two pairs of shoes on her wish list and some jewelry.  

Gone were the pages and pages of pink plastic items, dolls and toys with thousands of tiny pieces.

All the presents seemed to have a pre-teen / teenager vibe.  

I did buy her two toys:  one was Doh Vinci (an older playdoh) and a marble/maze game that you can play by yourself. 

Her big present won't come until later this spring/early summer:  she is getting her ears pierced but only after soccer season is over.

That evening, we celebrated her birth with a lovely bakery cake and a take-out dinner from a local Italian restaurant.

Which was an early birthday present for me, obviously!

Happy Birthday, Josie!


Guymons said...


Love the purple jacket, looks so soft, and the scarf, cute!

10 is still a baby, well, compared to 24 (my daughter, haha).

Beautiful photos, as always! Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

You are a good gift getter! Oh thanks for reminding me, William's birthday is this month!!!

Martha said...

Thank you so much, Diane! Josie had a great birthday. I totally agree with you, 10 is still very young... yet it does seem way too old! Our next birthday is Henry's - he'll be 15!

Cathrine Knol said...

Happy birthday to Josie! They grow up so fast :-). I hope you all had a great day.

Martha said...

Thank you, Cathrine! We did have a great day.

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