Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Florida Trip (part two)

When I left off yesterday, I was thinking that I had more stories to tell and more pictures to post, but today I'm realizing that I really don't.  I can post a few photo-op snaps taken before our one "dressy" dinner.  I didn't get one of all four of us, sadly.  There's Avery and Henry above and me with the tiny children below.

And Meredith and Avery, all gussied up:

and then the ladies:

We watched a spectacular beach sunset one of the nights - we walked into the town of Captiva for dinner all but one night.  The town restaurants were better than the resort options.  

We also went on a dolphin cruise which was fantastic live but not so much in photos.  The best shots I got looked exactly like this one:

The dolphins did get closer to the boat, I just didn't get any photographic evidence of it.  I did get a cute shot of one of many mother ospreys that we saw on the trip.  This one had a baby osprey that kept sticking it's little head up so it could watch us pass.

On the last day of our trip, Meredith and Avery had to begin the long drive home, so they dropped Henry and I off in Tampa where we went to the Florida Aquarium and attempted to get gear from the Tampa Bay Lightening arena which was sadly closed.  

It was a great trip.  The day time temperature never dipped below 82 degrees and there was never a cloud in the sky.  I really, really needed warmth and sun after this ridiculous winter.  The freezing cold, 23 degree temperature that we returned to was a shock, that's for sure.  Gordy and I are starting to wonder what on earth we were thinking when we moved to Massachusetts 16 years ago.  We were moving from Chicago where the weather frequently dipped to below-zero, so I guess we thought New England would be an improvement. That joke was on us!


Guymons said...

Fun trip, glad you got to go. Happy for the nice weather and time spent with your son. (and sister/niece, too).

Guymons said...

sorry about the Lightning store. worst part of the trip, i'm sure!

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