Monday, March 23, 2015

Our Trip To Florida (part one)

Our trip to Florida, as you can all believe, was fabulous.  The days were sunny and warm, I never needed a down parka or a pair of ugg boots and my body soaked in as much vitamin D as it could manage.

We arrived on Thursday.   Meredith and Avery picked us up at the airport and we drove down to Captiva, oohing and ahhing the entire drive whenever we caught a glimpse of the ocean.  Henry and I haven't seen any outdoor color except white and gray in three months, so we were pretty amazed at the tropical scenery and all the vibrant colors.

It didn't take us long to change out of our Massachusetts clothes.

We worked hard to take advantage of the sun:  we went to the beach and the pool daily, we enjoyed fruity drinks on the pool deck while watching dolphins play just feet from our chairs.

Henry went down the water slides:

... and we communed with the pelicans:

We also took a dolphin cruise, but I'll show you photos of that tomorrow.  

We had a great time and I felt guilty that Gordy and the girls missed out on getting some warmth, too and that it snowed in Pennsylvania while we were gone.  We need to plan a huge family vacation some day.  

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