Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Soccer Begins

Right on the heels of the hockey State Tournaments, the soccer tournaments begin.  Georgia had her first "Pre-Season Tournament" this weekend.  I brought her to the first game on Friday night.  The sun was out but it was cold and there enormous piles of snow around each plowed field.

It seemed odd to be playing outdoor soccer when it's still so obviously winter here in Massachusetts.

The girls won the first game 2-0.

Gordy brought Georgia to the second game on Saturday evening.

The weather was more miserable - it was freezing cold and pouring rain and if it had been up to non-sporty me, the game would have been cancelled.  

(It is not up to me.)

The girls lost this game 0-2, but according to Gordy, they played well and it wasn't as much of a one-sided game as the score suggests.

And so the last game is today.  Gordy and I are both going and so is Josie.  It's really cold and it might snow - perfect conditions for a soccer game, no?

And so "spring" in New England begins.  I'm getting out my under armour layer, bringing blankets and hoping for the best.


Guymons said...

brrrrr...not soccer weather, not spring! But, really, ANY time is a good time for a soccer game!

I like their uniforms (and the other team, too). I think they do fancier uniforms on the East coast. I also noticed, that they aren't enforcing the under shirt/tights rule like they do here....the sleeves must be the same color as the uniform sleeves and tights must be the same color as the shorts AND everyone on the team wearing undergear, must all have the same color, too strict, huh??? especially when it's COLD! (but I bet we don't ever get as cold as you guys there)

Guymons said...

and, as ALWAYS, great photos!

Martha said...

They do have good uniforms - I liked the other team's stripes, but Gordy said they looked like they just broke out of jail! There aren't rules about undershirt layers. And thank goodness because it's hard enough to find thick enough under layers without worrying about sleeve length or color.

Guymons said...

it was hard for us, too. Bradley's coach and *MOST of the refs, enforced the "HAS to match the shorts" rule for the tights, so when we went to Dicks Sporting Goods store (only sports store here), ALL they had were Nike BLACK tights. His team has white shorts for home, blue for away, so we had to get those colors. Now he has 3 pair. The blue ones are too big because we had to order them online and they were a different brand than Nike. The white ones are too thin because we didn't realize they came in different thicknesses. It's funny to look back at the start of the season....people had a rainbow of undershirt colors and most all had black tights!

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