Sunday, March 1, 2015

Window Art

The current snow total for our area (this winter) is 99 inches.  I recently read an article in which the author likened this New England winter with the terrible winter of Laura Ingalls Wilder's book, The Long Winter.  The author might not be spending her days twisting straw into burnable sticks, but she could relate to Laura's description of the endless days spent inside, the endless howling of the wind outside and the snow drifts that reached beyond the windows and doors.  

I totally see the comparison.

The children all went back to school on Monday and the house was quiet for the first time in a month.

We used our snow days wisely - I suppose.  The girls did a lot of baking and we played with that saand that I wrote about last week.  Art projects were created, instruments were practiced and homework (in Henry's case, since his teachers are all on-line and could email assignments) was finished.  We also watched a ton of movies and shoveled a heap of snow.

But one of my favorite activities was something I purchased spur-of-the-moment at the grocery store between storm - Crayola window markers.  I bought two packs.

Georgia, Josie and I each chose a window and got to work.   We all chose summer themes.  I drew my signature sunshine with sunglasses - a picture I totally stole from my sister, Elizabeth when we were kids.  I hope I don't get sued for stealing her intellectual property.

I don't have a picture of the window that Georgia drew and that is because she had a friend over and they drew and erased multiple times and eventually, Josie took over the window and graffittied it with our names.

Josie did the rest of our kitchen windows.  She did a mixture of pictures and writing.

She explained that the below windows are "stained glass."

It wasn't the most complex art activity nor the most interesting, but it used up an hour or two and for that, I am grateful.

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