Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015 was pretty low-key.  

To celebrate Easter, we usually rely on our friends who throw an annual egg-hunt / brunch party but this year the party was cancelled because of the presence of snow on the ground outside and ice-dam-damaged ceilings and floors on the inside.  Our party-throwers are not feeling festive and I can't say that I blame them.

We tried to make the best of things.

Georgia and Josie dyed Easter eggs in the morning and I made (heated up) cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

We did our usual Easter Basket hunt and we took Pippa Middleton for a long walk around a local pond.

And then we just hung around for the rest of the day and did nothing, which was a treat in itself.

We did miss the party and seeing a lot of friends whom we don't get to see but once a year on Easter, but there was something nice about spending Easter in our pajamas.

For Easter dinner, Gordy made us all fajitas which were amazing as always.

And now it's one week later and I'm just getting around to telling you about it!  Whoops.

I might as well fill you in on what else has been going on around here.... it will be quick since there hasn't been much going on around here.  The kids went to school, there were lacrosse and soccer practices and music lessons.  Josie had her first soccer game of the season yesterday and Georgia has a soccer game in Rhode Island later today.  

The biggest news is that Henry is playing his very last Youth Hockey game this afternoon.  It sounds dramatic and sad, but that's misleading.  Bantam level is considered the last level of Youth Hockey but next year he'll still be playing (for a shorter season, granted) in the Midget level.  I have no idea why Midgets aren't considered Youth Hockey, but they aren't.

Next weekend, the girls and I will be headed to New Jersey for a soccer tournament, so stay tuned for photos from that.


Guymons said...

It's so funny that you say you haven't been doing much then go on to list the 10,000 things that you have done! Hope you are enjoying it all.

Martha said...

Ha, Diane! You are right! I guess I meant that we hadn't been doing anything out of the ordinary!

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