Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Henry's Lacrosse Begins

Lacrosse season has begun.  Both Henry and Georgia are playing this year:  Henry plays on his high school team and Georgia plays on a club team, since her middle school doesn't have a team.  

Georgia's team is practicing, but they don't play their first game until the end of the month.  Henry has already had two games and has another later this afternoon.  

I went to Henry's games over the weekend.  (Henry is number 49)

Henry's school played Portsmouth Abbey from Rhode Island.

It was Passover Saturday and the day before Easter, so Henry's team was short on players.

Portsmouth Abbey - a Catholic school - had it's full roster (and then some).  I'm not sure if PA brought their JV team as well as their varsity, but they had enough boys with them to field three simultaneous games if they had wanted to.

Henry is a freshman and as such, he didn't get very much playing time.  He estimated that he was in the game for 6 seconds, but I would have said it was more like a minute and a half.

He did a good job in those few seconds anyway.  And he managed to not freeze on the sidelines even though it was frigid and windy.

Henry's team lost 15-4.  Whoops!  Perhaps not their best, but the first quarter was a painful one.  They did much better in the second, third and fourth quarters.


Guymons said...

Cool uniforms and great action shots! Hope the weather warms up! Brrrrrr!

Martha said...

Thanks, Diane - I hope it warms up, too!!!

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