Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our New Jersey Adventure

The girls and I just got back from a fantastic trip to New Jersey.  The main purpose of the journey was to attend Georgia's soccer tournament, but since we were in New Jersey, we scheduled a few bonus adventures including an amazing (and too-short) visit with my dear friend, Nara, her husband Eric and their daughters, Alexis and Cassidy.  

The last time that Nara and I saw each other was about two weeks after Alexis was born, so it had been awhile, although it felt like it hadn't been more than a day.  It's always that way with great friends, isn't it?

We promised to not let so much time pass between visits next time.

Georgia and her team played three games over two days.

The weather in New Jersey was amazing.  On Saturday it was in the eighties and even though it was cooler on Sunday, the sun was still out and it was gorgeous.

It wasn't perhaps the girls' most successful tournament.  They won a game and lost their other two.

And from these photos, you can see that these tri-state girls are a whole lot taller than their New England counter-parts!

After the sunday game, we packed up our bags and drove to my hometown, Summit, where we walked around town, played at the playground by my elementary school and drove by my old house.

We also enjoyed a great dinner in downtown Summit:

before calling it a night at the Grand Summit Hotel.

We needed a good night sleep because the next day we were making a pilgrimage to the great shopping mecca, The Mall at Short Hills (cue the singing angel music!)

No one does shopping malls like New Jersey and the Mall at Short Hills is perhaps the best mall in the US.  We shopped until we could walk no more (we got about 2/3rds through) and then headed home to Massachusetts.

The girls are on spring break now,  although we are home-bound because of Henry still being in school.  I'm hoping for nice weather so we can at least be outdoors.  

What's on our agenda:  hanging out with friends, soccer practice (which never stops), poor Pippa Middleton is getting spayed (she's at the vet now while I type this) and Henry has a lacrosse game or two.   Life as usual!

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