Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Hockey Awards

Every year, our town's youth hockey program holds an award ceremony where each player gets a trophy and where the coaches hand out a prize to the most dedicated player from each team.  This award is called the Galvin Award and Henry won one a few years ago. (I tried to find the link to the post I wrote then, but I can't find it.  I'm sorry.) 

There is also another award - it's called the Herb Wood trophy and it's awarded to a second-year Bantam player in recognition of all his/her dedication and hard work throughout their entire youth hockey career.  

A week or so before the award ceremony, Gordy got word that Henry was being given this prestigious award (they wanted to make sure that Henry would be sure to attend the ceremony).

Getting Henry there was no easy feat.  He had a lacrosse game on the North Shore (about 45 minutes away from our house) and it was running late when I arrived to whisk him back home to the ceremony.

Then there was the fact that Henry had a ton of homework, was un-showered and sweaty from his lacrosse game, and had no interest attending his eighth (and final) youth hockey award presentation.  We have a rule that homework (especially tests and papers) trumps sports, so Henry was completely confused about why I wasn't allowing him to skip what can be a very long event.

The Bantam teams are the last to get their awards and the Herb Wood award ceremony is at the bitter end.

Each coach talks about their team's season and each player is called up to the stage to receive their award.  And then the team stands together, holding the hockey banner while the coach explains how/why they chose the team's Galvin winner.

The process takes awhile, especially if the coach is a yapper.

But then it was time for the Wood award and Henry seemed surprised that he won (although he claims he was not).

Here he is with the President of Winchester Youth Hockey (and a family friend whose son was on many of Henry's hockey and lacrosse teams throughout the years):

It was an exciting way to end a youth hockey career.

Well done, Henry!

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Guymons said...

WOW!!! The top award! What a great honor!!! Seriously happy for Henry and you. You and Gordy must be SO proud!!!

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