Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Last Game of Youth Hockey

So after winning the States and the Regionals, Henry's hockey team lost the last game of their Youth Hockey careers.  It was unexpected and strange and it was weirdly anti-climatic, too.

Everything about the game seemed off.  The players weren't themselves, the refs weren't doing the best job and no one seemed to want to be in a hockey rink anymore.

Youth hockey season is way too long.  It starts at the beginning of September and continues until the middle of April and by the spring, everyone is just over it.

Next year, Henry will play on one of our town's Midget teams which have a shorter season and maybe that will be a good thing.  

I know he'll miss hockey, but at least he won't be playing hockey and lacrosse at the same time as he's done for the last few years.  

The team lost 5-3, Henry broke his stick, got a penalty for un-sportsman-like conduct and Gordy was in a huff all night long.

Yep.  We're done!


Guymons said...

he broke it out of anger, or it broke during play? arent those things $300?

Martha said...

Yes! He broke it out of anger. Well, he smacked it down on the ice in anger and that broke it. I haven't stick-shopped in a while, so I don't know the exact price, but I think they are less than $300. We don't buy him the best sticks in the world.

He didn't mean to break the stick, but he did. And he wasn't thinking about this next fact, but the truth is that he would have needed a new stick next season anyway as this one was getting old and too short.

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