Sunday, April 26, 2015

Welcome Home, Pippa

The day after the girls and I returned from New Jersey, poor Pippa Middleton was spayed.

We dropped her off at the vet at 8am and we didn't get to pick her back up until after five pm.

The house seemed empty without the puppy.  

Josie spent time in the afternoon decorating the house for Pippa's return.  She used a yoga mat as a red carpet and lined Pippa's toys along each side.

And then Josie decorated Pippa's crate.

She also printed out Welcome Home Signs and taped them around the kitchen.

The vet had told us to get a soft cone for Pippa Middleton to wear so that she couldn't worry her stitches.  I bought a soft cone and an inflatable donut from the internet but when they arrived, they were both way too small even for 9 pound Pippa.

The donut was so small that it fit perfectly around the neck of Pippa's plush fox toy!  

We went out and bought bigger models for Pippa but we left the tiny donut on Foxy, so Pippa wouldn't feel like she was the only one wearing a humiliating cone of shame.

Pippa was still groggy when we brought her home and she didn't eat or drink for about 12 hours.  After that, she bounced back pretty quickly from her surgery.  The hardest part has been keeping her calm and indoors.  Pippa loves to be outside and she loves to go on long walks and run around.  We were given strict instructions to keep her mellow for 5-7 days and it hasn't been easy (or fun).  We are all going a little stir-crazy.  

Tomorrow it will be day six, so I'm taking Pippa with me when I walk Josie to school, like I usually do.  She is going to be so thrilled to be out and about.

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