Thursday, April 30, 2015

What We've Been Up To Lately

We've been enjoying the (somewhat) milder weather lately.  Last weekend, the girls even went outside to shoot hockey pucks and soccer balls on the play-yard with Gordy.

Josie is practicing to strengthen her shot.

As always, they were joined by Pippa Middleton who absolutely loves being outside.

No matter what her face may seem to suggest.

Pippa has completely recovered from her spay surgery and is back to doing all the things she likes to do best.  Like monitoring the neighborhood ...

ans resting on odd surfaces...

She has also resumed her very important schedule of walks, rawhide chewing, and kissing every friend and stranger she encounters.

Obviously, we are enjoying her.

Henry and Georgia are playing lacrosse, Josie and Georgia are playing soccer and Gordy and I have been driving around the state(s) like the bus drivers that we are.  

Things are good.


Elizabeth said...

That pug is adorable! I think you should go on a long trip soon, and Pippa should come stay with us.

Guymons said...

The dog's "smile" is hilarious!!!

Have fun at all the kids games!

Happy you are getting better weather FINALLLLLLLY! It was 90 here yesterday!!! I find, though, that basketball is a good game in bad or good weather because its always played INSIDE a gym. Can control the temps in there a little better....wish the noise was quieter, though.

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