Sunday, May 31, 2015

Josie's Expert Project

Fourth graders are known experts in many things but at our elementary school, the teachers expect the fourth graders to become an "expert" in some skill they've never tried before.  

When Georgia was in fourth grade, she became an expert at making ice cream without using a churn

Josie thought about becoming an expert in sewing but we couldn't figure out how she could get my sewing machine into school nor could we figure out how she would go about demonstrating her new skill to her classmates in a short period of time.

Instead, Josie decided to master the art of piping icing.

On Saturday, Josie got out her tools and got to work.

We used store-bought icing to make things easier and we didn't use actual cupcakes for this practice round.

Josie tried each different tip and mastered them all.

And she managed to successfully fill the icing bags between each batch (something that we didn't do as a good a job on when Josie had her cupcake decorating birthday party last year.)

She used a custard cup to practice icing a cupcake.

So now Josie is an expert cupcake decorator.  


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