Saturday, May 9, 2015

Josie's Soccer Game (Saturday)

Josie is still playing on her town soccer team.  Soccer isn't her favorite activity in the world, but her team is fun (and filled with great girls) and it's nice for her to get outside (read:  out of the stale, ice rink air).

Pippa has been coming with us to soccer games.  She loves greeting everyone and once finished with that, she enjoys sitting on a lap and watching the action.

On this particular Saturday, Josie played goalie for the first half of the game.

She did a great job and didn't allow in a single goal.

Josie's team won 3-0.  It was their first win of the spring.


Guymons said...

great pictures again...I sure love your blog....funny in the first pictures the girls on the bench in the background, just kickin back. glad you get to get outside of the rink, too! (and the dog, can you bring her to hockey?)

Martha said...

Thank you, Diane - I love your blog, too! I had a good laugh when I went back to look at that first picture you mentioned! I hadn't noticed the girls lounging behind the action! too funny!

As for bringing the dog to hockey... probably not, sadly! But you never know!

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