Thursday, May 21, 2015

May Day 2015

This morning was the annual celebration of "May Day" at Josie's elementary school.  The kids wore their traditional tan shorts and white tops and they did various dances around the May Pole. 

Gordy always thinks I should call this post "Josie Pole Dances" but really, the perverts find my site easily enough already.  I don't need to make their search any simpler.  

It is a funny title, though.

Since Josie is in fourth grade, she got to dance the real May Pole Dance this year and braid the ribbons.

I stood on the hill behind the dancing, so I had a good view of the festivities.

The May Day celebration at our school never, ever deviates from the script.  Every year for five years, I've watched the same dances, listened to the same songs and watched the band play the same instruments.  I have one more year of May Days and I'd really appreciate it if the music director could mix things up.  Add a song, I beg you!

I was joined on my hilly spot by three other mothers who were equally tired of May Day and we had a grand time chatting (between numbers and afterwards) about various pressing issues:  public schools vs private schools, the ridiculously sexist new dress code (FOR GIRLS) at our middle school and what we plan to do about it, teacher changes in the fifth grade and college applications/admissions.  

It was certainly a different discussion than the one I had with a group of mothers our first year at this elementary school.  

That year (five years ago) we had a fifth grader, a second grader and a kindergartner.  It was the only year that we had all three kids in the same school and we were completely engrossed in all things elementary school.  Now our children are high schoolers and middle schoolers as well as elementary schoolers.  I'd say things were easier back then, but they weren't.  The issues and worries are different but they are also the same.  

One more May Day to go.


Hanna said...

Haha, love your attitude. I agree, although I appreciate that we have annual childrens' event - they can get tiresome..

Martha said...

Thanks, Hanna!

Perfectly said - these kid programs can definitely get tiresome! Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment.


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