Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Enka Parade

This was Enka weekend in our town.  Enka is a woman's organization that does charity work - sort of like our town's Junior League - and their big fundraiser of the year is a weekend-long carnival that includes a parade.  Gordy and the kids used to march in the parade with the youth hockey players, but this year, Georgia got to march and play her flute with the rest of the middle school band.

Josie and I got spots along the parade route, so we could properly cheer and take photos.

They aren't a formal marching band, but they did pretty well.  It can't be easy to play music while you walk.

The high school band also marched and played.

It's not the largest parade but there were some amusing marchers.  The Farmer's Market was fun:

And our local farm marched with a goat:

The youth hockey passed us as well, but it was a pretty small showing. 

We had a busy weekend.  Gordy and I went to Block Island on Friday (with Pippa Middleton) to check on the progress of the big construction project) which meant that Josie had to go to the Enka fair with some friends.  Georgia had soccer practice that night, so Gordy brought her to meet friends at Enka after that got out (around 8pm).  Henry had a lacrosse game so we picked him up at school on our way home from the ferry and dropped him off at the fair on our way home.  It was a crazy night but it was one that perfectly timed so that I got avoid the fair completely and for that (and a very good-sported Gordy), I was very thankful.

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