Thursday, June 4, 2015

Henry Turns 15 (and other happy moments of the week)

Henry turned 15 the other day!  Happy Birthday, Henry!  

Fifteen year olds do not want to be on their mother's blogs, apparently, and I've been banned from showing you what Henry's celebration looked like, so I'm posting a photo from Henry's fourth birthday instead.

We've had a busy week.

Last Sunday, we hosted Georgia's soccer team End of The Year Party at our house.

The girls prepared a presentation for their coach which was very sweet and emotional.

(that's not me above on the left side, but it looks like me, right?)

Here is Georgia's coach:

Next year, the girls move into a different division and Tona won't be coaching them any longer. 

Pippa really enjoyed the party.  She went from person to person, licking faces, wiggling all over and jumping into people's arms.  

But afterward, she passed out for about six hours:

It's tough being a puppy.

On Monday, Josie used some free time after school to make an apron:

Pretty, no?

And ok, I lied.  I'm going to sneak in some Henry birthday photos.  This is what a 15 year old Henry looks like (shh!  don't tell him!)

Georgia had her end of the year band concert on Henry's birthday.  We dropped her off at school, Gordy rushed back home where we celebrated Henry's birthday with dinner and a cake and then Gordy rushed back to school to watch the concert.  

Josie and Pippa, photo-bombers:

Here's what Henry's cake looked like (please disregard the classy, open dishwasher in the background):

Today is Henry's last day of exams as a Freshman.  Tomorrow, he just goes to school for final assembly where the school says good-bye to the seniors.  What's up next?  Packing and gearing up for camp, getting him off to camp and the finishing up the school year for the girls.  Summer, here we come!

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