Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Henry's Home From Camp

Henry got home from camp late last night.  He's still sifting through about 400 photos and videos he took with his GoPro camera, but he nicely let me have these three pictures to show you all.

He left for camp 13 days ago - flying first to North Carolina to spend a day with my sister and her family and then travelling from NC to St. Maarten.

The camp was called a Marine Biology Adventure but sadly, there wasn't a marine biologist on board and while he enjoyed the camp, Henry was disappointed that the promised marine biology / coral reef work didn't really happen.

He did get his Advanced Scuba certification, so that's good.  And he did do some pretty amazing dives, including two night dives and he did get to see a lot of neat marine wildlife - like an octopus, multiple turtles, a terrapin and some colorful fish.

I spoke to Henry half-way through the camp and he told me about how they hadn't done any marine biology work yet and I have to admit I was pretty annoyed.  I encouraged him to make the most of the situation and I know he did.  He took advantage of all the dive opportunities offered and he enjoyed being in such an amazingly beautiful place.

The campers lived on a sail boat, travelled around the Caribbean, went on a couple of hikes and did four hours of community service (Henry's school requires graduates to do 40 hours of community service in order to graduate and with his Sea Turtle Camp work last summer, he now has 24 hours under his belt and he's only a sophomore).

I'm sure I'll get more stories from Henry as the week goes on - and I'll be sure to share them.  


Guymons said...

Fun camp! What an experience!!! Too bad about the lack of marine biology, though....false advertising. I hope they gave you some kind of refund!!!

Martha said...

Diane - you are right! it was false advertising. At the very least, we will write an honest review on the web!

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