Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Josie Gets Her Ears Pierced

The day that Josie has been waiting for finally arrived:  yesterday, she got her ears pierced.

Our family rule is that you have to be ten to get your ears pierced, but you also have to be done with soccer season.  A lot of soccer referees make you take out your earrings for games, and you can't take out newly-pierced earrings for 6 weeks.

Josie's last soccer game of the season was on Sunday, so on Monday, we made an appointment after school.

Josie was very nervous but she remained still.

You should have seen the grin she gave after the first earring was shot into her ear and she realized that it didn't hurt to get your ears pierced.

She was even more stoic for the second hole.

Ta Da!

I think her earrings look really great and so does Josie.

On a separate note:  I got a call from Henry yesterday.  He said they got phones to call home because this is the half-way point, but it's really not.  He has about a week left to go.  It didn't matter why he was calling, I was just excited to hear from him.  He reported that he is a little seasick being on the boat all day but not too much.  He likes the camp and the people.  He was put in the advanced diving group so he's be able to do a lot of fun dives including a night-time dive last evening.  He's only had to cook for the group once (they take turns) because the Advanced diving group often is diving when dinners have to be made.  It's sounds like everything is going well but it's hard to tell since (like all teenage boys), Henry prefers to speak in one word sentences.  He did want to know who was winning the Stanley Cup and I had to deliver some bad-news.  

It's probably a good thing that he's been away for this Chicago vs. Tampa series!

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