Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Josie Recites Poetry (Dressed as a Moth)

All year long, Josie has been memorizing poems for school.  All fourth graders in our town have poetry recitations and so this is our third (and final) year of poetry.

Josie's teacher allows the kids to bring in and use props when they recite their poems and Josie always does.  

This time around, Josie performed her poem with her good friend, Lily and they created costumes and props for themselves that demonstrated the various lines of the poem.

Josie dressed up like a moth, complete with antenae, black wings and Princess Leia buns.

The girls practiced their piece at Lily's house, so I never heard the whole poem.  I did have Josie recite her lines to me and it sounded fine (although a little odd).

We are finally in the last month of school (!) and I'm not sure if there will be one last poem to memorize or if this was the last one.  

In any case, it seems like the end of the poems and that's a good thing.  


Hanna said...

What a great creative combination (poem recital + costume)! I should take a note of this for when my girl is older :)

Martha said...

Hanna - Yes, I think you are right. Josie's teacher is very smart to let the kids dress up and use props for their poetry recitation. School work is so much more fun when you are dressed up!

Guymons said...

i read that one line as this is the last "moth" of school....haha

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