Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Josie's Cello Recital

Josie (and her cello partner, Eva) had their cello recital last weekend.  The concert was at a local VA hospital and some of the residents came to watch the cellists perform.

Josie performed one solo piece (Polka Dots) and then she and Eva played two duets.

Josie and Eva started the performance since we had to rush off after their pieces to a soccer make-up game.

We were a little sad to miss hearing the other students perform, but we were also pretty grateful that we could get to both activities in one afternoon.

It's the start of the End of the Year Rush.  Everything is ending and all the ends have to include a recital, a presentation or a bunch of make-up games.

1 comment:

Guymons said...

cute dress! your daughters have some of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen!

Glad you got to do all the activities! How'd the game go? How did the audience like the recital? I bet it was enjoyed by all! She's so young, but growing up so fast!!!

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