Friday, June 19, 2015

The Vocabulary Parade

Today was one of my all-time favorite elementary school events:  The 4th Grade Vocabulary Parade.

Josie's word was "lighthouse."

The students were able to choose from a list of words / places that they learned about over the school year.  

The parade goes around the school (twice, in this case) and all the fourth graders are cheered by their parents and the rest of the student body.

Henry didn't attend Fourth Grade at this elementary school, so we missed out on this gem of an event with him, but we did get to watch Georgia parade by two years ago.

Here's a photo, in case you've forgotten:

This current crop of fourth graders did an amazing job.

... but my favorite was the lighthouse. 

Her light actually worked!  Although the hat was so heavy that Josie had to hold on to it with both hands.

After the parade, the parents were invited up to the classroom for a poetry recitation.

The children had decorated the desks to look like tables and they wrote poems on all the table runners.  We parents were encouraged to write our own poems, too.

I wrote:

"Josie is so cute
Especially when she wears a suit.

Josie is so kind
She's very smart and has a great mind."

perhaps not my best work, but at least I tried.

Five more days of school!

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