Monday, June 15, 2015


We've had a busy few weeks, but I didn't take any photos.  Henry and I went to Block Island last Monday to check on the progress of our construction project and to move all the furniture back to it's regular spot.  Things are going well with the project - all the new windows are in, most of the painting has been done and 2/3rds of the new siding is up.    

Henry left for camp on Wednesday.  He flew by himself to Meredith's house in North Carolina, spent the afternoon and evening with the Southerns and then left for the Caribbean on Thursday morning.  There were a handful of campers on his flight, so he had company when he went through St. Maarten's customs and made his way over to the camp meet-up spot.  This is a technology-free camp, so we haven't heard from him since we got a phone call telling us that he'd arrived safely, but we have been getting daily updates from the counselors (via email) and it sounds like he's having a great time.

We had a fun (but brief) visit with our good friend, Aaron (hello Aaron!) who was in Boston for a conference.  It was fabulous to see him.

 Josie finally did her Expert Project.  She lugged 12 cupcakes and four filled pastry bags to school on Friday and by all counts, her presentation went well.  Friday was also the elementary school field day, so it was a busy day for Miss Josie.

Georgia went with a friend to the beach on Friday night and came home on Saturday with the worst sunburn I've seen in years.  Her whole back is lobster red and super-painful.  Well, not quite her whole back.  She obviously didn't burn the parts of her body where her bathing suit was, so her back looks like she's wearing a flesh-colored bikini.

Lesson learned, I'd say.

Josie also went to the beach this weekend.  She was invited to go to Cape Cod with her friend Eva for Eva's sister's birthday.  They spent the day on the beach and then built a bon-fire and roasted things to eat.  

As for Gordy and I, we actually had several hours this weekend without children.  Which was very odd.  We went to the mall (by ourselves) to get Georgia's phone fixed, we went to the blind store (by ourselves) to order blinds for Block Island and we took Pippa Middleton for a walk (by ourselves) into town to get some candy.

Being an Empty Nester was pretty amazing.

We also went to Ikea and I watched the entire Swedish Royal Wedding live on the internet, but Josie was with us for those items.

Next up:  Josie is getting her ears pierced today (hopefully).  The place where Georgia got her ears pierced can't do Josie's ears today, so we are going to a different store pretty far away.

Needless to say, Josie is pretty excited.  She's been waiting all year for this day to arrive.  

We also have the Vocabulary Parade this week and some sort of poetry recitation and then next week, it's EXAMS! for the sixth grader.  

The fun never ends!

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