Monday, July 13, 2015

Camp Times Three

This was a busy week for us.  We had not one, not two, but three camps to prepare for, to drive to and to attend.  

The first two camps I didn't get any photographic evidence of, sadly.  Josie spent her week at a cooking camp and it was amazing.  The camp was three hours of non-stop cooking and she left each session with an entire meal (appetizer, main dish and dessert) for four people.  Let's hear it for not having to grocery shop or cook all week!!!! 

All the meals were fantastic.  Josie made spinach and artichoke pinwheels (in a puff pastry), a BBQ chicken pot pie with a cornbread crust, a wonderful chicken primavera in a lemon, cream sauce, chocolate cupcakes, a key lime pie, a strawberry shortcake and many other dishes.  Our refrigerator was stuffed to the top and hers was only the half-day camp!  I can only imagine the freezer-filling that will happen if Josie does the full-day camp next year.

Georgia also went to day camp last week.  Her camp was a lacrosse clinic which she attended with two of her good friends from soccer.  The soccer friends arrived at our house every morning around 8am and then all three walked down to the fields together.  And of course, every afternoon (after camp ended), they hung out, went to the pool, had a sleepover... you get the picture.

On Saturday, we met Gordy's sister Cathy and her family in Cambridge where they were staying while our nephew, Zach, attended a football recruitment camp at Harvard.  We had lunch and then walked around the Harvard campus.  It was nice to see them especially since we were unable to go down to the Cape this summer to spend time with them there.

I took a photo of the cousins together (above).  From left to right we have:  Georgia (12 1/2), Josephine (10), Henry (15), Zach (17) and Ned (12)

And then it was time to start camp number three.

We packed Georgia up for her first overnight camp experience and drove her to western Massachusetts to drop her off.

Georgia's camp isn't your traditional sleep-away program.  This camp is a hiking / biking / rafting adventure and the campers move from camp-ground to camp-ground. 

Georgia is doing the program with her good friend, Margaret:

And when we dropped them off yesterday afternoon, they were both excited and eager to get started.  We met their three counselors who seemed really nice and we met a few of the other parents.  

Last night was Georgia's first time ever sleeping outside in the woods, so let's hope it went well!  They certainly had gorgeous weather.  

With the exception of Georgia, we are camp-free this week.  We do have a bunch of doctor appointments, I'm trying to finish three pillows for the Block Island house and I'm meal-planning and organizing for a big party we're having there.  And of course we still have Josie's two weekly hockey practices and endless trips to the grocery store to keep Henry fed (do teenage boys ever stop eating!?!).  

I'll give you a full-report on Georgia's wilderness experience when she gets home next week!

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