Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July on Block Island

We spent the Fourth of July weekend on Block Island.  The Fourth holiday is a weekend-long event on the island.  They do the fireworks on July 3rd and hold a parade on the actual day.

Henry had two high school friends down for the weekend and believe it or not, they had no interest in attending the parade.  Shocking, I know.

The girls, Gordy and I rode our bikes into town and got good seats along the parade route.

The theme of the parade was "all things medical" - I should probably back up and tell you all that Block Island doesn't have a hospital but they do have a "medical center" that is run by a board of directors and is always surrounded by great controversy and agita.  I subscribe to the local island newspaper and I can not even begin to tell you how many articles are dedicated to medical center and it's controversy.

That said, I think the parade organizers were trying to drum up some good will for the center and that's why where the parade theme was chosen.

Most of the floats had a medical theme - either praising the medical center and it's staff or else going in a completely neutral direction with a less controversial doctor:  Dr. Seuss.

The Fourth of July... Dr. Seuss... yes!  I see the connection.

Theme or no theme, the parade was a lot of fun.

There was a huge crowd gathered downtown and people were very enthusiastic.

There were two bagpipe groups and one high school marching band (from Connecticut.  The Block Island school is k-12 and has only about 40 students)

The award-winning float was the following:

Block Island has a deer / tick problem and has been trying to allow hunting for a few years to little success.  The winning "float" was an injured deer riding a wheel-chair along with a woman hunter and a man dressed as a tick carrying a sign that said "homeless tick looking for new home."  

It was clever.

Since the fireworks were the night before, the Fourth of July really ended after the parade.  We had dinner at home and a blueberry pie, and that ended the holiday for us.

I'm out of order, but I'll post about the fireworks next.  

We are back home in Massachusetts now.  Josie is attending a week-long cooking camp and Georgia is at lacrosse camp.  Next week, Georgia leaves for her first over-night camp.  The summer is moving right along!

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