Thursday, July 23, 2015

Georgia's Camp!

Hi, everybody!  This is Georgia.  I'm going to tell you about my first over-night camp experience.  The first night was really hard.  We were in tents, sleeping on the hard ground and none of us could fall asleep.  Even worse, they had made tent groups and had purposely split up my friend and me.  

We woke up pretty early in the morning.  We thought it was at least 6am because it was really sunny and the birds were chirping.  Turns out it was before six and the counselors had to tell us to go back to sleep.  After that, it was great.  We'd be so tired from hiking / biking / swimming that we'd go to sleep almost instantly.

There were twelve kids in our group.  Most of the boys were a year younger than me but the girls were around my age.  We had three counselors:  a boy and two girls and they were nice.

We went on three hikes, we swam in a resevoir twice, we biked on a trail in New Hampshire and we white water rafted in Florida, Massachusetts.

My favorite part was the rafting because I had never done that before.

My least favorite part was not knowing what time it was.  No one had a watch and we couldn't have phones, so we had no idea what time it was.  If we asked a counselor, they'd just say "It's wake-up time!" or "It's hiking time."  And that annoyed me.

Like everyone else in my family, I REALLY like to know the time so that I can be ON TIME!

I made some good friends who I'm still in touch with now.  

I don't think I'd do THIS camp again because I realized that I'd like to do a more traditional camp with cabins and activities in one place.  

I missed Pippa Middleton a lot, but other than that, I wasn't homesick or anything.

I took these pictures and obviously the scenery was very pretty.

Overall the camp was really fun and I had a great time.


Elizabeth said...

It sounds like fun! And you can tell we are related because the not knowing what time it was would have driven me insane.

Guymons said...

I love guest posts!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! All your activities sound like a blast, except the no watch and splitting up friends and missing your dog!!!

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