Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Fourth of July Fireworks ....

... which happened on the Third of July and which I didn't get to see because of a particular pug dog who will remain nameless.

Let's back up and I'll admit something about myself.

Hello.  My name is Martha and I'm chronically, obsessively early.  I have very rarely arrived late to anything in my entire life.  I am always early and always punctual.  The good news is that I can be relied on to be the first guest at a party and to save seats in a movie theater.  The bad news is that I am always the first guest at a party and I always arrive way too early for a movie.  

It's a blessing and curse.

That said, when it came time for the fireworks on Block Island, I had no idea what time people starting arriving.  The schedule said that the fireworks began around 9pm and I figured that with the entire island going to one beach, it would probably be difficult to find parking.  

We packed a picnic dinner and left the house around 5pm.

I know.  

It's sad.  

Obviously, we got there about three hours too early.  

At least we got a good parking space!

We set up a few games and took our time serving dinner.

Henry had brought two friends from high school along with us to Block Island and although they both now know that I'm totally crazy, at least they entertained Henry for the four hours before the fireworks began.

We brought Pippa Middleton to the beach, too.

She loved being on her super-long leash, playing in the sand and chasing sea gulls.

There was a lot of time to kill.

Next year, we'll leave for the fireworks at 8:30.  

It was a crazy evening.  Eventually everyone showed up and eventually it got dark and eventually the fireworks began.

And as soon as they did, Pippa Middleton freaked out (everyone but us saw that coming, no?) and I had to run her back to the car to calm her down.

I missed all the fireworks (except for the bits I could see from our car's moon roof).

The picnic was good, though.

And everyone else enjoyed the fireworks, so that's something.

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