Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beach Time

I don't often bring my camera to the beach - the whole sand creeping into the innards of my camera thing worries me - but I did bring it down with me on the day Georgia and Gordy ran their 5k and while we were waiting for them to run by, I took some fun beach shots of Josie and Henry.

It was a gorgeous day.

The tide was up and there wasn't a whole lot of available beach for us to occupy, so Henry dug out a trench to hold back the waves from soaking our beach towels.

We had a long, long wait for the racers to pass us by.

So we did all the usual beach stuff - Henry went snorkeling, Josie swam, I sunbathed and read my book.

We even took a selfie:

We had a few cloudy, cold days on Block Island but this day wasn't one.

The weather was perfect.

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