Sunday, August 16, 2015

Block Island 2015

We just got back from three glorious weeks on Block Island.  We had a wonderful time, beautiful weather and this year, we had the added bonus of visiting friends.  

Gordy left after the first week (and Georgia went home with him to attend a soccer program).  Pippa Middleton attempted to keep them both from leaving:

It didn't work.  Maybe next year, Pippa, when you are bigger.

While they were gone, Henry and Josie and I went to the Block Island Fire Department Bingo night which was super-funny and highly entertaining.

That week, we also got a visit from my friend Nara and her family.

And while they were at the house, we celebrated her daughter's birthday.

Nara and I went to college together and then once we graduated, we spent many a crazy day/evening together in New York City and Washington, DC.  Nara met her husband a few months before I met Gordy and the four of us (along with another college friend, Tara - hello, Tara! and Gordy's roommate, Aaron - hello, Aaron!) spent our mid-twenties (how should I put this....) "enjoying our youth."

We are all old people now, old people with children, although you'd never know that from looking at these photos.

Now THIS photo (below), is more honest about how much we've aged:

Oldies.  On the porch.

I'm so happy that our kids got along with Nara's daughters.  They bonded quickly and easily just like their mothers did.

I wasn't the only person who had friends come to visit.   Georgia's friend D came to visit us and Henry had his two friends at the beginning of the summer and of course, his friend Sam spent the first week with us.  We also had our friends the Ms and the Ks at the beginning of the summer.  I really enjoyed entertaining and sharing the island that we love.

Having friends around really made the vacation special.

Leaving Block Island today was really hard.  I will miss everything about the house, the beach, the island and especially having so many visitors.

I was tempted to follow Pippa Middleton's lead and hide when the ferry arrived this morning, but I didn't.

We do have two more trips to the island planned this summer.  Josie's friend is coming for a weekend and my parents are coming to stay as well.  

I'm going to get the most out of this summer as I can.


Aaron said...

I am not THAT old...

Tara said...

Nor I! Wish we could come visit! Sign me up for cocktail making, Pippa petting, pillow fluffing (love them!)… xoxo

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