Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Elizabeth, Sean, Owen and Dorothy were vacationing in Maine when we got back from Block Island, so the kids and I (plus Pippa Middleton) went up to visit them for the day.

There was much Owen play...

plus Granny and Grandfather had purchased a Slip N Slide which all the grandchildren enjoyed.

and of course there was a trip to the swimming hole.

Later in the afternoon, Josie allowed Owen to dress her up using clothes / accessories from Granny's costume box.

Half ballerina / half pirate.

This was Pippa Middleton's first day trip and she did very well.   She slept for most of the car ride and then acted very pleasantly towards Dorothy and Nellie (my parents' dog).  

She even managed to stay accident-free which is not surprising in that she's been almost-completely house-broken for months but at the same time, it is surprising since we've never owned a dog that didn't instantly christen my parents' carpet upon entering their house.  Especially when there are two other dogs wandering the house.

We stayed in Maine until after dinner and then headed back to Massachusetts.  Henry, Josie and I (along with two friends) went to Block Island for a long weekend just a few days later.  

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