Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Paddle Boarding on Block Island

One of the activities that my friend Nara and her children wanted to do on Block Island was to try paddle boarding.

We got delayed a few times - first when all the paddle boards were taken out by a couple of large parties and again when the weather was too windy.

On our third attempt, we had success.

The girls split up into two teams - one older sister and one younger sister per board.

I stayed on dry land, so I got photos as they left and then I followed them to a bridge, where I was able to snap some photos of them in real nature.

They all loved the paddle boarding - especially once they cruised into deeper water and they could knock each other off their boards and do some swimming.

This was our first time paddle boarding on Block Island.  The kids had briefly tried paddle boarding when we visited friends on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

This adventure was such a hit that the following weekend, the Elliot girls convinced Gordy to take them out again (this time with Georgia's friend, D).

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