Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Sports Practice

All three of our children had summer sports homework this year.  Josie had to do thrice-weekly workout sessions for hockey.  She had to do planks, side planks, jump-roping, 10 minutes of stick handling and then puck shooting.  This regime did not end while we were on vacation on Block Island, either.  Gordy set up a "shooting wall" by using an old tarp, some boogie boards left by the previous owners and a good amount of rope.  

Josie wasn't a huge fan of the summer hockey homework, but she did it.  Even less of a fan of the hockey homework was me.  Gordy set up the shooting wall by an old raised garden in our yard and whenever Josie hit a wayward puck, I'd have to reach into the weed patch (full of stinging nettles) to find it.

Georgia also had summer sports work.  

She had soccer skills to practice and for that, we headed over to the Block Island playing fields on our bikes.

I rather enjoyed these moments as I love to ride my bike on Block Island and I'm a huge fan of the playing fields.

There is a lovely tent set up with bleacher seats and even a water cooler for hydration.

I enjoyed my book in the shade while Georgia kicked and headed.

And even though I never got any photos of him, Henry was busy daily with his own exercise regime.  Henry is contemplating playing basketball this year (for the first time ever) and he's been working daily on his shooting and his jumping.  He even purchased an on-line training routine that he's been following for about four weeks.  

I've been impressed with Henry's dedication and I'm equally impressed that he's so willing to try something completely new.  

Now that we are home, soccer has begun.  Georgia has twice-weekly practices and will add a third (skills practice) soon.  Josie begins hockey in the very near-future.  Henry has awhile to go before his hockey begins but he does start school before Labor Day.


Guymons said...

What was the name of the training program for basketball and does Henry recommend it? Andrew just shoots out in front of our house each day, but a training program sounds like a good idea! All his teammates play soccer/football/baseball, so they will come to try outs in great shape in a few months.

Martha said...

Hello Diane - the course was called Vert Shock. Henry purchased it with birthday money. It's on-line, so he watches videos and then prints out the workout sheets. I'm excited to be a basketball parent soon!

Guymons said...

I just looked into! Has Henry's jump improved? Basketball is really exciting. I think you will like's indoor, so you don't have to deal with the weather, but its warmer than a hockey rink. It's pretty noisy, though, maybe even moreso than hockey with the ball bouncing and the lame cheerleaders. I'll let you know if Andrew wants to try it.

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