Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Doctor Is In

Now that my children are older, I don't often come across them playing imaginative games.  It's sad, really, because imaginative play previously made up about 50% of my blog (the other 40% was sport reporting with 10% spent complaining about carpools).

We had been home from Block Island for a couple of days, when I encountered the following sign in my stairwell:

You should know that we call our house "The Leaky Cauldron" because of the ice dams (and because we love Harry Potter).

At the top of the stairs were more signs:

And when I got to Josie's room, there was the doctor herself!

The office was open, so I was able to walk in and check out the facilities.

Dr. Josie had set up a (non-working) computer and phone.

She had an exam room set up on her bed, complete with eye chart.

The only thing she needed were patients.

I didn't get any photos of the severely bloodied Georgia who showed up for stitches or the ill Gordy who had general malaise - there is such a thing as patient privacy.

Geesh, people!

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