Friday, September 18, 2015

Josie Makes A Felt Turtle

When we were on Block Island with my parents, we were tourists in every sense of the word.  Josie and I took my parents to every possible attraction including the animal farm where we visited the Alpacas at North Light Fibers.

Josie had been there before while on a field trip with the Block Island Club and she had remembered fondly the activity that they did - making a felt animal.

She had enjoyed creating that felt animal so much that she wanted to try it again, so we bought her a kit which we brought home.  Josie joined me on the second story porch.

Josie read the directions while I read my book.

Everything was perfect except that the afternoon sun was a little too warm and we decided to go downstairs to the first floor porch.

Making a felt animal involves a great deal of stabbing apparently.

Josie's turtle was fantastic.

We left Block Island on Labor Day and the very next day, Josie started fifth grade and her last year of elementary school.  

Our trip seems like a long time ago.

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