Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Another Week Passes..

without me updating my blog.

I wish I could say that I was on Block Island relaxing in the sun.  I keep opening this photo on my phone of Pippa Middleton watching boats go by (or as we like to call it "watching Nature TV) and wishing that it was still summertime.

I haven't taken very many photos lately.  

Josie got her hair cut last week - she now has a cute chin-length bob:

She had a small crisis about the haircut the day after she had it cut off, when her hair kept falling into her eyes while she did her school work, but we spent some time experimenting with braids and ponytails and now Josie's feeling happier again.

Josie also went to a disco-themed birthday last weekend and she wore the above outfit (including a pair of sequined shorts that we bought her about three years ago).

We had a busy weekend because in addition to the usual sports and homework, Georgia had a sleepover to go to, Josie had that Disco party and Henry's school had their fall weekend which consisted of a lot of sports games and then a high school dance.  And then there were the flu shots that we got for everyone but Henry (he'll get his during his next allergy shot appointments).  

Things coming up:  lots of orthodontist visits, a trip to the dentist, I'm having lunch with some friends this week and then dinner with another friend, the girls have an early -release day coming up, Georgia is going to try the Yearbook Club, our middle school Open House is this week and Georgia has a surprise party to go to and we're going to Block Island for a day to take down the screens, cover the furniture and close up the house for the season.  

And Josie and I are working on her Halloween Costume (hint:  she and Pippa are both dressing up) and  it's Pippa Middleton's first birthday on October 13th and I'm sure we'll have some sort of family dinner to celebrate :)

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