Friday, October 9, 2015

Bees, Mice and Buggies - Oh My!

I had to call this gentleman today.

Dale from Bee Busters is going to make a repeat appearance at our house next week and that is because we suddenly find ourselves overrun with bees (again).

It started with a few rather dead-looking bees scattered here and there around our house.  We thought nothing of it.  And then we started seeing multiple yellow and black insects.  Most of them were sleepy little buggers but a few were buzzing, angry interlopers and whether mild mannered or cranky, not one had been invited into our house and we wanted them gone.

We went up to attic to bring down the Halloween decorations and that's when we discovered the hive.  Well, we're assuming there's a hive.  No one wanted to get close enough to the hundreds of buzzing yellow jackets to get a good look at their claim shanty.

If they stayed quietly in the attic, we might be willing to let the bees hang out for the winter, but they keep violating our border agreement, and last night, a particularly jerky yellow jacket stung Josie on her foot.

Which is just rude.

But the bees aren't our only wildlife issue.  

I have some horrific news to report:  Nature is taking over our house.

And you all know how much I dislike nature.

Case in point:  for the last month, Henry has been hearing the pitter patter of tiny mouse feet running through his walls and ceiling.  Mice, people!  Running amok in my house!

And then this morning, Henry and I turned on the lights in our mudroom and interrupted the thousand-leg march of a centipede across the cold tiles.

Now everyone knows that I am scared of three things:  bees, clowns and balloons.  Centipedes don't really bother me, although I'd prefer them to live outside my home rather than inside.  But I'm not the only person in my house with specific fears - Henry, for example, is scared of two things:  Tsunamis and - you guess it! - centipedes!  

(for the record, Gordy is scared of being left in the open ocean a la the movie Open Water;  Georgia is scared of all parasites but particularly leeches and ticks and Josie is scared of sharks and bees and being too far away from her Mommy.)

But back to the centipedes...  

Henry has to be at his van at 6:40 am and from approximately 6:20-6:35, I stand in the mudroom, begging, pleading and shouting at Henry to HURRY UP.  I'm convinced that there is no slower creature than a 15 year old boy leaving for high school.  Getting Henry out the door each morning is a very stressful part of my day.  

This morning was a completely different story.  We switched on the light and saw the centipede, and while I watched in revulsion as the centipede slithered across the floor and hid under a shoe, Henry was in full panic mode.  Within 10 seconds, he had grabbed his coat, his backpack AND his shoes and had high-tailed it out the door and into the car.  I barely had time to blink.  It was amazing.

I'm thinking about finding the centipede and asking it to help me with our morning routine every day.  It was a blissful, scream-free morning.

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