Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Block Island Over Columbus Day Weekend

We had to go to Block Island over Columbus Day Weekend to close up the house.  I know - we HAD to go.  Boo hoo, so sad for us.  :)

It was the most gorgeous weekend.  The sun was shining continually the entire time.  The temperatures were cool but not too cool and the winds were barely existent.  

We spent the first morning removing screens from the windows and because we did it assembly-line style, the chore went quickly and we were done by the afternoon.  Gordy and Henry removed the screens and brought them to me.  I marked each one with a sharpie so we can put them back up next spring without too much hassle.  Then I brought the screens to Josie who washed them and put them out to dry in the sun until Gordy and Henry brought them back into the house and placed them in a closet under dust covers.  What did Georgia do, you ask?  She was on Pippa Middleton duty, which was probably the most exhausting task of the day.

When we were on the ferry, coming to the island, we saw a shipwreck on Mansion Beach and we all wanted to explore it, so after lunch we drove up to the beach and hiked to the wreck.

Have I mentioned how gorgeous it was on Saturday?

The shipwreck was further up the beach than we had realized, but the weather was so wonderful, no one minded a long walk (particularly Pippa Middleton who LOVES a long walk especially if it is on a beach).

The boat was perched upright on the rocks and the entire left side was torn open.  I have no idea what had happened to it, but if I had to guess, I'd say the boat was ripped from it's mooring during Hurricane Joaquin and drifted up to Block Island where the high waters dropped it onto Mansion Beach.

If someone from Port Washington is missing your boat, we found it.  It's on Block Island.  You might want to come and get it because it's currently being used as a pretty amazing jungle gym and my children climbed ALL over it.

The storm really changed Mansion Beach.  It's usual large, soft, sandy beach was covered with large rocks so that it looked more like the coast of Maine than it usually does.  Hopefully another storm will take all the rocks away before next summer.

The beach near our house was more sandy than usual:

and the rock that Josie is jumping off above is usually complete  out of the sand.  If Josie had jumped from this rock before the storm, she would have dropped about four feet to the ground.  Now there is only a three inch jump, so that gives you an idea of how much additional sand is on the beach.  

Our house is not heated - it's a 100+ year old summer cottage - and it gets really cold in the fall (and obviously it's not habitable in the winter).  In order to shut down the house, we have to remove the screens, cover the furniture, put away all the linens, get the plumber to drain the pipes and do a deep clean to discourage the critters.   

It's totally worth the work.  We won't get back to the island until next spring, so we made the most of our weekend.  We went out to dinner, visited the candy store, had lunch on the front porch and went for walks on the beach.  

Good-bye, Block Island.  See you soon!

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