Monday, October 19, 2015

Catching Up

I've been taking more photos with my iphone than my larger camera.  I think it's just laziness but it also could be that carrying around my large camera is a pain (which now that I think of it, is just another form of laziness).

The phone camera is pretty convenient, it's true.

Henry and I went to a Lightning / Bruins game and Henry - very bravely - wore a Tampa Bay tshirt.  We went early to watch the warm ups which was really fun.  

It was Pippa Middleton's first birthday on October 13th.  We didn't do too much to celebrate, but Josie made this cute birthday hat and we all posted photos to instagram:

I was searching for something in an old box of papers/photos and I found this school photo of Henry when he was three:

OMG.  So cute, right?  It's been so long since I've seen Henry's hair!

It's been even longer since I've seen Henry's teeth but that should change really soon.  He is supposed to get his braces off on Thursday but we've learned not to get our hopes up when it comes to the orthodontist.

It was FREEZING here over the weekend, but Josie and I were determined to get our pumpkin shopping done.  We went to the local garden store and before we chose the perfect pumpkin, Josie went through the "haunted" maze.

I went through the maze, too, but I only lasted about two minutes.  It was boring and I was way too cold to deal with a maze.

This photo stream is no longer in order, but check out the preppy, gigantic fisherman's bracelets some one tied on a telephone pole on Block Island:

pretty impressive, no?

And last but not least, I finished Pippa Middleton's Halloween costume this morning.  Check out our little flower:

She hates it, naturally, but I think she looks adorable.

She and Josie are wearing a couple costume.  Pippa is the flower and Josephine is the bee:

This is a sneak preview of Josie's costume which is going to look even better when I sew the yellow stripes onto her leotard.  

It's going to be perfect.  What's coming up:  Hockey, hockey and more hockey.  Henry has three (potentially four) games in a row!  I have my first fifth grade library duty this week (bring on the hand-cleaner!), we're up for two legs of the soccer carpool (whoo!) It's 5th grade parent/teacher conferences, Georgia is getting her braces on and Henry is getting his off, the bee guy is coming to the house to finally exterminate the bees...

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