Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Islander Hockey

Josie's team played at Providence College (Rhode Island) last weekend and I brought along my camera assuming that a big college ice rink will be cleaner and brighter than depressing, dirty Hockeytown where they usually play their games.  

How do I adequately describe that Massachusetts institution known as Hockeytown?  Picture a garbage dump and a toxic waste dump only put a rink in the middle and then use it (without cleaning it) for thirty years.  

Yep.  It's that bad.

And it's Josie's team's home rink!  Lucky girls!

I don't bring my camera to Hockeytown very often.

This was a fun game.  The girls really enjoyed using the big, bright college locker rooms and the parents liked sitting on benches that weren't covered in slime.

The Islanders played a good game.  They were ahead for awhile, then the other team tied the game up before Josie's team got two last-minute goals to win the match.

It made the two hour drive worth it :)


Janet L. said...

Great photos of Schneider Arena - that's a great place to skate and so awesome to skate on the same ice as the champion Friars! Much better than stinky old Hockeytown, I agree that it's a horrible place to skate and so cold all the time - brrr!

Martha said...

You are so, so right, Janet! Schneider Arena is gorgeous - lucky Providence players!!! And you are also right about Hockeytown. I think (hands-down) that it's the coldest, nastiest rink in the state. We only go there for home games since Josie's team practices at Merrimack College (another new, pretty, clean rink).

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