Monday, November 9, 2015

An Afternoon With 3/4ths of the Southerns

Last weekend was Family Weekend at my niece, Lily's college and so Meredith, John and Avery were in Massachusetts.  On Sunday, they stopped off in our neighborhood to visit a potential school for Avery.  

Gordy and Josie were at a hockey game in Rhode Island, but Georgia, Henry and I met The Southerns at the college for a quick tour.

It was great to see them.

After we walked around the campus for awhile, we all went to a tavern that Meredith found on her phone.  This happens almost every time we are with Meredith.  She gets on her phone, types in a few words and out pops a great restaurant suggestion that is close by and which everyone loves.

It's an amazing bit of magic.

Two hours later, The Southerns were back on the plane and heading for home.  

We are REALLY looking forward to Christmas!

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