Wednesday, November 18, 2015

An Unexpected Development

So this last weekend was Henry's hockey State Tournament - in other words, it was the end of the year for his hockey season.  

Let me give you a little reminder:  Youth hockey goes up through ninth grade and after that, you are expected to play on your high school team.  There still is a youth hockey option - the Midgets level - but it's a half-season (or really a quarter-season if you want to be exact) and that is on purpose to allow everyone time to play on their high school team, too.  

Henry's high school doesn't have a hockey team, so he had decided to try basketball this year and he spent the summer prepping and learning how the game is played.  We were all a little sad that Henry's hockey season was going to be so short for the next three years.  Henry's played hockey since kindergarten, so it seemed sad that that part of his life was over.

And then something unexpected happened. 

Last week, to everyone's surprise, Henry's school announced that they were starting a boy's hockey team.

Great right!?! 

There are just enough boys to form a team (although a few aren't perhaps as seasoned as Henry) and the Athletic Director found ice time and put together a schedule of games.

So just as we thought it was ending, Henry's hockey season has been extended!  He gets to play "varsity" hockey which is fabulous and he'll have the bragging rights of being on the very first hockey team ever at his school.

We are all thrilled.

There is some downsides:  the ice time is from 6-7 AM in the morning and it's not at his school but at Boston University.  We won't be able to get our money back from the private van service we paid to take Henry to school every morning and the van won't make a detour from taking the rest of the kids to school in order to drop Henry off at the ice rink (the nerve, huh?) so Gordy will have to rearrange his schedule to get Henry there.  

Some mornings, they are going to meet at 6am at the school for off-ice training, so on those days, Gordy will have to get Henry all the way to Henry's school (which is pretty far from Gordy's office).

It's not the best scenario, but we are still thrilled.  And it's only for one semester.  High School hockey seasons (November to February/March) are much shorter than the the youth hockey seasons (September to April) that we are used to doing.

The team might not be the same level of hockey that Henry is used to and it will be hard to win games against more established teams.... but who cares!

Henry will get to do Midget town hockey still - and that will be his super-serious hockey until his high school team catches up.  It's fantastic and we couldn't be more excited.

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