Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Carving The Pumpkin 2015

We are all about the Pug Dog in our house.  We made a costume for Pippa, we went trick-or-treating with Pippa and we even had a Pippa face carved on our Halloween pumpkin.

Georgia found this stencil on the internet:

Gordy is always hesitant to use a stencil on a pumpkin.  

Carving a pumpkin with lots of detail is not easy.

The act of carving the pumpkin is always the same at our house.  At the beginning, all the kids watch Gordy and help remove the goo and dispense advice.

But then they get bored and soon Gordy is left carving the pumpkin on his own.  We are not a family that enjoys carving multiple pumpkins.  Our attention spans are not particularly long.

Around the middle of this process, I doubted that Gordy would ever agree to use another pumpkin stencil again.  There was a lot of complaining - all of it perfectly valid. But by the end, when he could see the results, Gordy changed his mind.  The pumpkin turned out wonderfully.

Look at the likeness:

Okay, so the Doug The Pug stencil has a smiling pug and Pippa Middleton is more serious, but still.  It's impressive, no?

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